Take an Epic Family Adventure with these National Geographic Trip Essentials

Travel is BACK and National Geographic Kids has everything families need to embark on a great escape — from books to help plan that special vacation to backseat boredom busters that will keep kids entertained for hours and hours. These would make great holiday gifts:

National Geographic Kids National Parks Guide U.S.A.  This is a fantastic tour of parks and preserves across the United States, with striking full-color photography of natural scenes or wildlife on almost every page.
If you’re trying to decide which of our country’s amazing national parks to visit, NG Kids, together with the National Park Trust, has created National Parks Guide U.S.A. Broken down into regions of the country, this handy guide has all you need to make your visit to these treasured parks an experience your family will never forget.   Filled with color photos, information on animals, fascinating lists, fun facts, maps, cool things to do, conservation tips, and much more — think of this book as your trusted guide to these most majestic of places.

National Geographic Kids Ultimate U.S Road Trip Atlas, 2nd Edition

The Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlas contains maps, games, interesting facts, vibrant pictures of everything from wacky road signs to national monuments, and boredom busters (who can spot the wackiest road sign??) to make your next journey an adventure to remember. Every state is featured and includes a map of the state, 5 cool things to do there, fun facts about the state and the animals that live there and even quirky roadside attractions. And, in case this comes in handy, helpful traffic laws you won’t believe (who knew you couldn’t drive any skunks INTO Tennessee??).

125 Wacky Roadside Attractions, a delight that will have travelers young and old poring over the pages and planning offbeat excursions.
See the silly side of travel as you explore the wackiest landmarks from around the world — a place where you can walk in real dinosaur tracks, a hotel where you sleep in an igloo, a crazy beard festival, a UFO museum, and so much more. You won’t believe our world is full of so many bizarre and wonderful places!

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2022 This gathering of upbeat, vividly illustrated, browser-friendly dips into topics ranging from black holes to blue-footed boobies to Bolivian street food is hard to put down, and the pop quizzes and research guides at each chapter’s end will give studious sorts a leg up, too. Part trip planner, part boredom buster, the latest installment of the New York Times best-selling almanac is perfect for curious kids who want to learn all about the world and everything that’s in it. The Almanac 2022 features amazing animal stories, explorer profiles, and outrageous attractions that kids know and love, plus tons of info on exoctic locales, fascinating cultures and an entire section on travel in the U.S. and abroad. Loaded with fascinating features about animals, science, nature, technology, and conservation, this book is the number one selling kids almanac on the planet.  There’s a whole chapter full of fun and games, including activities, jokes, and comics and the colorful compilation also includes an Almanac Challenge 2022 — which inspires kids to reduce their plastic waste.  

More Surprising Stories Behind Everyday Stuff

Ever wonder how haunted houses got their spooky rep; where cheese originally came from; and when and where people decided hitting a tiny ball with a long stick (ahem, golf?) was their idea of fun? Prepare to be amazed by the surprising backstories behind the things you use or do every day! From familiar foods and common clothing items to bizarre beauty regimens and quirky products, this book covers all your burning questions: Who thought of that? Where did that come from? Why is that a thing?   This riveting little treasure is jam-packed with awesome facts, fun stories, and colorful visuals. Once you know all this cool stuff about the origins of everyday stuff, you can “wow” your friends and family.

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