KIZIK: the ultimate hands-free travel shoe

Getting through an airport security line quickly when you’re wearing sneakers is nearly impossible, but you also don’t want to be the person standing barefoot on the dirty floor because you wore sandals. The struggle of wearing an average sneaker is over. Kizik has eliminated the hassle of putting on shoes with hands-free footwear technology. 

Kizik shoes (available for men and women) feature a patented heel design so all you have to do is slip your toes into the shoe, the heel will compress so your foot can slide all the way in and then once your foot is in, it will spring back into place securing your foot in the shoe. Sneakers are now as easy to put on as slides or flip flops. You can view videos of how the shoes work at

These are the easiest shoes you’ll ever put on. We wore them all the way to Paris and back–on trains, planes and buses, walking and running–and can attest to their comfort and ease of wearing. Our choice–the Men’s Madrid Eco Knit, pictured below, was only $99, a bargain for all that versatility.

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