THE BATTPAK BY OCTAVE–power bank with covert wallet and stash compartment

We love the BUTTPAK by Octave power bank with secret compartment/card holder and safe universal charger. It’s compact and perfect for traveling.

An “Adult Proof” button allows you to open the secret stash compartment. It has a wallet for your credit cards, cash, and papers.  It has a strap that will hold straws, cigarettes, whatever you want to keep private. !It also contains a sleek stainless steel magnetic tray. This allows you to magnetize loose articles so they will not shake around inside, and provides a clean, contained surface for your convenience. Great for travel, concerts, and music festivals. Charge your cellphone anywhere and stash what you want on-the-go. 

Product Details: Includes a 3-way USB/Type-C/USB mini cord
Highest Quality 10,000 mAh BatteryCustom pcba circuit board for universal chargingUSB and USB type-C outputsUSB type-C Input
Fire retardant polycarbonate housing
Hand stitched vegan leather walletHigh definition laser etched OCTAVE pattern

Retails for $129.

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