Nicotine Pouch Basics: What You Need toKnow About This NRT

Travel for those who want to smoke has become increasingly restrictive in the past few decades. Despite these restrictions we have found travel products that are useful for those who smoke with our review of the BUTTPAK by Octave noting how it has the perfect storage for cigarettes. However, with cigarette bans becoming increasingly frequent, more people are turning to nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products, such as the nicotine pouch. Nicotine pouches were released in the U.S. market in the
early 2000s as a more convenient alternative for enjoying nicotine. Their spit-free and smoke-free marketing has caused nicotine pouches to soar in popularity, reaching sales that are on par with well-established NRT products like Nicorette gum. In 2022,
nicotine pouches sold 808.14 million units, with ZYN sales leading the overall unit share at 58.8%. This is an impressive jump, considering that only 126.06 million units overall were sold in 2019.
What are nicotine pouches and why are they increasing in popularity?

Below, we go over the basics of nicotine pouches.

Usage of nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches come in colorful packaging that resembles mint containers. Inside are several pre-portioned pouches that contain a primary combination of nicotine, water, flavorings, sweeteners, and plant-based fibers. Users can select the intensity and strength of nicotine in these pouches to match their needs. The usage of the pouch is similar to chewing tobacco. Here, the pouch is tucked
between the gum and upper lip for the nicotine to slowly release. The entire process will span anywhere between 45 minutes to one hour as the nicotine becomes absorbed through the oral mucosa. The process doesn’t produce saliva, therefore making it spit-

Popular brands to look out for

The nicotine pouch market has expanded rapidly over the last two decades. Leading e- commerce retailer Prilla features the super popular ZYN pouches, which led sales in the U.S. market in 2022, and comes from Swedish Match with the pouches being designed with Americans in mind. The brand targets users who do not like the taste of tobacco or are trying to reduce their tobacco intake. They especially highlight their high-tech distillation procedures when extracting and purifying nicotine from the tobacco plant. This ensures that their nicotine is the highest quality.

Following ZYN’s popularity in 2022 was On! Like ZYN, On! is also made with Swedish quality purely for the American market. Unlike ZYN, whose lowest nicotine level is 3mg, On!’s lowest nicotine level is 2mg. This makes them a great introductory pouch for new users who want to try nicotine pouches but haven’t built up the required
tolerance for the larger doses you see in stronger nicotine pouches.
Besides ZYN and On!, there are newcomers in the market to watch out for. Lucy pouches, for example, came out in 2019 with an extensive catalog of gums and pouches. They attempted to distinguish themselves in the market by distributing primarily through an online subscription service. This allows consumers to order monthly deliveries of six tins for $35.00 per month.

Benefits of nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches are hailed for their convenience, taste, and easy usage. Because of their slim design, users can simultaneously engage in other activities, such as drinking water, without having to fear the bitter aftertaste of traditional cigarettes. This can help prevent dehydration among users attempting cessation, which, as our previous article on  Jovē alkaline water  explains, can cause symptoms of dull, dry skin, poor sleep, and combined with withdrawal symptoms will amplify feelings of fatigue and
crankiness. Otherwise, the discrete nature of nicotine pouches means that they can be used in public places, from parks to beaches. Smoking has been banned on most public
transportation, including U.S. flights since 1990. This ban began to include e-cigarettes like Juul in 2016 because of the fire hazard they pose. Nicotine pouches are smoke-free and spit-free, which allows them to pass through airport inspections and
be allowed on flights. This makes them a great product for smokers who want to quit and struggle with strong cravings in public places.
If you are interested in using nicotine pouches, do your own research and experiment with the available products on the market to find the best moisture level, size, and even flavor for you. This will allow you to find the best pouch for your preference and

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