Claymore Brothers for the finest custom clothes via computer

FOR YEARS WE HAVE SEARCHED for a custom tailor who could fashion suits and sport coats without tiresome fittings and the need to refinance the family estate. New York and London bespoke tailors have escalated their prices beyond our wildest means and so it was with glee that we discovered Claymore Brothers on, of all places, Instagram. Claymore Brothers has a sterling reputation for modern bespoke men’s fashion at unbeatable prices. Best of all, their custom suits, sport coats and shirts are made to measure via computer from the comfort of your own home.

Who are the Claymore brothers? They are military officers from Canada, well-schooled in proper tailoring. They are responsive gentlemen who personally attend to each and every order. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail equals Savile Row at a fraction of the price and represents the best value bespoke tailoring we know of.

The Claymore Brothers history is fascinating: as a Naval Warfare Officer, John Claymore
John Claymore
deployed to the Middle East as part of CTF 150 anti-narcotics and terrorism. On his return home, his decompression port was in Phuket, Thailand. While there, he connected with a group of tailors who completed suits for a great deal of the ship’s company. John had many articles made, as he had an affinity for suits and formal wear. Upon returning home, he had many compliments and requests from friends, family and work colleagues about how they might get their own suits made, but as local tailoring costs to acquire a similar suit were overpriced, he could not recommend a provider. A few years later his brother,
Lorne Claymore
who was about to marry and was retiring from his time in service as a fighter pilot, asked him if they should have custom suits made for his wedding party. John worked with the team he met overseas to fashion a set of suits for the groomsmen. Their success in doing led the two brothers to start a business together.

During their due diligence John discovered that the fabric quality in Thailand was not up to the standards he holds to as a business. John searched for many months for a fabric provider that met his high standards and happened upon a renowned cloth merchant who had supplied to Savile Row, Hollywood movies and popular television shows such as Downton Abbey, James Bond, and Kingsmen the Secret Service. Their relationship was first built upon a common relationship with the military.
Today the Claymore brothers pride themselves in maintaining these connections with their sole fabric provider coming from Huddersfield England and that passion for finding the highest quality materials. Connections within the tailoring world led Claymore Brothers to a group of expert tailors and craftsmen who specialize in the production of the highest quality bespoke garments, shoes and accessories. Final steps led them to the top-drawer level of tailoring Claymore is known for today.

It is easy to work with Claymore Brothers: simply take your measurements according to Claymore Brother’s easy-to-follow chart and select your fabric. Claymore Brothers’ luxurious fabrics create the perfect garment for any occasion; Merino wool is used exclusively. You select the ranges by cloth weight, season and type, and specify what detailing you want—a special lining perhaps, custom stitching or an individual cut. At the core of their history is a classic and comfortable cut. Often called “the English drape,” the wearer’s movement has minimal impact on how the jacket behaves. Armholes are small and high, with a soft, natural shoulder line and full chest with a distinctive vertical drape. The look of a Claymore Brothers’ suit is less structured, more yielding and totally relaxed. Claymore Brothers offers three fitting styles: classic, casual and slim and all jackets are fully canvassed, a rare and welcome touch.

We feel free and elegant in their clothes. And comfort, durability and crease-resistance are always foremost in their tailors’ minds. We trust Claymore Brother’s tailors and their instincts 100%. All idiosyncrasies of proportion and posture and all detail requests are attended to without question.

Claymore Brothers makes clothes not only for well-dressed men all over the world but women, too. Expect to pay $600 to $1500 and up for a suit depending on the fabric chosen, from $99 for dress shirts and $450 and up for sport coats. Besides suits, Claymore Brothers also makes beautiful handmade shirts, overcoats, tuxedos, trousers, sport coats, even polo shirts and denims. The value and quality are extraordinary. They even offer a dashing collection of cufflinks, pocket squares, belts, ties, and shoes on their website, Time from start to delivery of a garment is an astonishingly quick 4-5 weeks. A repeat client will receive their clothes in just one month.

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