Sanctuary Vacation Rentals entices remote workers to create work-play balance with month-long getaways

During these unprecedented times, many Americans find themselves working from home — yet not embracing the fundamental freedom that comes with that term. Sanctuary Vacation Rentals is thereto help empower remote workers and students to begin thinking outside the home.

Why does “remote work” have to mean sequestering ourselves in our own homes? With kids underfoot, the dog barking during video conferences, and the overused Internet constantly buffering, families are finding themselves long past the point of cranky.

How about creating some work-play balance by securing a month-long vacation rental on the idyllic Monterey Peninsula? If you’re going to work or study remotely, why not do so in an area with expansive ocean views, fresh air and beautiful natural land and seascapes? Embrace the word “remote.”

Sanctuary Vacation Rentals provide safe, clean, gorgeous getaways that can brighten any mood — and increase productivity at the same time.

Eight great reasons to book a home on the Monterey Peninsula:

• Create a beautiful home base to create a balance of work and play.

• Pack and unpack just once.

• Enjoy extra room and the time to enjoy it.

• Choose the type of property, amenities and comforts you desire.

• Save money by shopping and cooking your own meals.

• Experience flexibility in your daily schedule.

• Enjoy high-speed wifi on multiple devices

• Create lifelong memories in the location of your dreams.

Find the perfect getaway home that will nurture your body, mind and spirit while you discover and savor all the delights of the scenic Monterey Peninsula. Sanctuary’s unique vacation homes, many with stunning ocean views, invoke a sense of peace and harmony, often awe, and in some inexplicable way allow people to relax and have fun, as well as to revitalize and reconnect with one another.

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