Santa Barbara Smokehouse: the finest smoked salmon in the world!

Connoisseur or passionate foodie, if you love smoked salmon, you’re going to love smoked salmon from the Santa Barbara Smokehouse. Traditionally smoked, sustainably harvested, it is simply the best in the world and was lauded by the New York Times, Syndicate that way. The company, under the direction of CEO Tim Brown has perfected the art of preserving the heritage of traditional techniques and together with a state of the art facility brings to market pure excellence.


Brown was born on the Scottish English border in the city of Carlisle and at the age of 15 years old began practicing the art of traditional salmon smoking. Preserving the authentic heritage of this dying craft has become his all-consuming passion. He has dedicated his life to the preservation of historic techniques and little known family recipes which had been handed down through generations of skillful craftsmen.

Mr. Brown moved to California in 1999 and brought with him the knowledge and expertise he had gathered. In 2005 he realized a life long dream when he proudly opened a state of the art production facility in the heart of Santa Barbara. Unlike high volume manufacturers who typically burn wood chips on hot plates, Brown’s smokehouse burns full logs of oak, applewood and other select woods in an open fire kiln, as it was historically done in Scotland.


Santa Barbara Smokehouse is one of the few remaining smokehouses in the world that employ this traditional method of smoking. Brown’s plant is a modern masterpiece. Built in 2004, from the initial renderings to the placement of the final brick, the 15,000 square foot facility was crafted for one purpose: to produce the highest quality smoked salmon utilizing traditional, artisanal methods. The region’s perfect climate is conducive to the most sustainable salmon smoking practices in the industry. Despite its rustic exterior and mission-style architecture, the Smokehouse is a state-of-the-art facility engineered for optimal workflow efficiency and uncompromising food safety. Adhering to a firm commitment to sustainability, only locally sourced logs from fallen trees are burned. No trees are ever cut down to supply wood to the Smokehouse.

With an emphasis on tradition and craft rather than mass production, Brown and his team proudly produce a very delicate but distinctive tasting smoked salmon that cannot be achieved using conventional modern smoking methods. Their smoked salmon represents the highest level of quality, taste and texture and we are proud and honored that the world’s premier hotels (among them Bellagio in Las Vegas), airlines, finest restaurants, exclusive resorts and famous celebrities use and enjoy Santa Barbara Smokehouse products.


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