Consider Slovenia for European history, charm, castles and culture

Returning to the European continent but yearning for something new, different and away from the madding crowds? Consider Slovenia. Craving natural beauty and outdoor adventure, as well as history, culture, castles and baroque architecture? Consider Slovenia. One of Europe’s best kept secrets, Slovenia can be characterized as a bit of Bavaria, a sliver of Mediterranean Riviera, a stretch of the Danube, a touch of Venice and a slice of the Balkans. A small, charming country lying at a natural hub of European routes at the eastern tip of the Alps, Slovenia is a destination for those who have already been to Europe once or twice and are ready to get off the beaten track to see a fascinating part of Europe. Once a part of Yugoslavia, Slovenia declared independence in 1991 and walked away relatively unscathed from the turmoil that engulfed the rest of the region, taking with it a bit of everything that travelers most enjoy in this part of the world: mountains and lakes, castles and Alpine forests, vineyards and meadows, beaches and island resorts.

While you could easily spend a week here, even with just three to four days at your disposal, it is easy to pack in the major highlights of the country without feeling rushed. Breathe in the beauty of Lake Bled, explore Postonja Cave by underground railway, soak in a coastal sunset in the port town of Piran, and sip on wines from the Vipava Valley. The beautiful baroque capital of Ljubljana is just a two-hour drive from Venice or a three-and-a-half hour drive from Vienna–making a perfect extension to a cruise through the Adriatic or along the Danube River.

For more information and a customized trip proposal to this hidden gem of Europe, contact Robertson International Travel Consultants, (805) 969-3221 or

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