Feeling ripped off after a San Ysidro Ranch lunch

No wonder we found the dining room at the lovely San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara practically empty for lunch yesterday 12/8/16…our order of two tap waters, 2 tortilla soups (the consistency of wallpaper paste), two burgers (ordinary, they are better at The Habit), one cappuccino and a split lemon tart (excellent) came in at $165.24, without the tip! Part of the reason for this extortionate bill was the obscene charge of $50 for corkage. They have to be off their rocker to think anyone feels $50 corkage is fair. We will not be going back soon…and urge you to exercise supreme caution, also. It’s a shame, such a beautiful place but sorely lacking in consistency. They desperately need a eagle-eyed General Manager who cares.

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