Top picks from ENTREE’s bookshelf

DEEP NUTRITION, Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food, by Catherine Shanahan, M.D. with Luke Shanahan, Flatiron Books, cuts through conflicting nutritional ideologies and presents a revolutionary, life-changing approach that combines science with common sense to illustrate how the traditions of our ancestors can help us all lead longer, healthier, more vital lives.

WONDER PLANTS Your Urban Jungle Interior, Lannnoo publishers,
by Irene Schampaert and Judith Baehner asserts that green is the new black and explores this trend in interior design with twenty interiors by creative plant lovers from all across the world. This is a book about a passion for growing plants in your own home and creating your very own green oasis, an urban jungle. Complete with practical tips for colors and sizes and suggestions for positioning and maintaining plants at home.

URBAN JUNGLE, Living and Styling With Plants, Callwey Publishers, the must-have book for plant lovers and anyone pursuing a green life. Authors Igor Josifovic and Judith De Graaff have produced a book packed with green inspiration, plant styling ideas and handy plant information for anyone who wants more style and nature with their own urban jungle. For plant newbies or pros, this is an inspired, fantastic green journey.

KEITH HARING: THE BOY WHO KEPT DRAWING, Dial Books, written by the pop art icon’s own sister Kay Haring. This colorful and energetic picture book goes on sale just two days before the 27th anniversary of his untimely death and this is a wonderful tribute to his life and his profound influence on the art world. Haring’s creations are still taught in elementary and middle schools as a colorful and fun introduction to the pop art movement. KEITH HARING: THE BOY WHO JUST KEPT DRAWING is a wonderful origin story of how the modern art legend came to be; it is both informative and inspiring to all who read it.

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