Scott Dunn Private Journeys: for extraordinary travel

Where would you go if you could travel anywhere in the world on your own terms? If that dream trip became a reality, would you know how to actually make it happen? Thankfully, there is a simple answer to the latter question – Scott Dunn Private Journeys.

For more than 30 years, luxury travel company Scott Dunn has curated thousands of wonderfully crafted and individually customized vacations for the most discerning clientele. This experience comes with some serious travel prowess – and the knowledge of what really constitutes an unforgettable journey. Headquartered out of the U.K., the company recently opened their first U.S.-based office in Southern California, creating a 24-hour network of seasoned travel experts.

Founded by visionary Andrew Dunn, Scott Dunn’s wide selection of hotels and experiences and cover the world. Scott Dunn’s global network of Travel Experts constitutes the best in the business. Most have lived and worked in their specialist regions as locals. They have friends, stories and roots there, and they return each year to fine tune their knowledge. When they share their favorite restaurant, backstreet bodega or most romantic proposal spot, you know they were there themselves not long ago.

This insider knowledge allows the company to draw from a diverse cache of connections on the ground and personal experiences to create exceptional getaways. From a multi-generation family safari to an action-packed journey through Patagonia, a cultural adventure through Sri Lanka or romantic escape to an exotic island- anything is possible.

This expertise combined with their contact list of incredible guides and an impeccable door to door service has earned them the reputation of being the go-to tour operator if you seek spectacular experiences, from after-hours tours of the Vatican to a seriously special private candlelit dinner in the Taj Mahal.

Following a recent meeting with John Spence, president of the U.S. office, one can tell how eager the team is to show travelers this big, beautiful world in a whole new way. Their guests have direct access to Scott Dunn’s “little black book” of incredible properties, people and experiences.

The Scott Dunn philosophy rests on the cornerstone that each trip should be special and unique. It should be magical and inspirational with plenty of ‘wow’ factors, which is why they design each itinerary around every guest.

This level of expertise has solidified Scott Dunn as one of the industry’s best travel planning companies, and earned them the distinction of top tour operator by Conde Nast Traveller for the past four years running.

You’ll find nothing ordinary about a Scott Dunn journey. Find a cure for the common game drive with private sundowners overlooking majestic wildlife. Soak up vibrant colors and exotic spices with a private tour through Rajasthan. Detox from the digital world beneath the hot tropical sun and swaying palms on a remote tropical beach. Or get a glimpse of Scott Dunn’s roots by hitting the slopes in style with an expert guide and a stay at one of the company’s fully staffed luxury ski chalets.

In today’s nonstop world, our greatest luxury is time. This is why the Travel Experts at Scott Dunn get to know every guest ahead of their travels, ensuring not a single moment is wasted. They know that travel is deeply personal, and something that may be a highlight for one guest should be best avoided for another. We liken them to travel therapists – they listen to you, find out understand exactly what you like and dislike, then craft a vacation around your personal preferences. They then make all the travel arrangements, saving their clients valuable time ahead of each trip.

All that’s left for you to do is sit back, relax and anticipate the journey of a lifetime.

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