CORAVIN Launches Revolutionary Screw Cap to Enhance Wine Pouring Experiences

CORAVIN™, Inc., makers of the innovative wine preservation opener by the same name, announced that wine enthusiasts are now able to pour and enjoy wines from even more of their favorite bottles with its newest revolutionary accessory – the Coravin Screw Cap. Designed to completely change the wine pouring experience, the new Screw Cap now provides users with a way to use the Coravin Wine Preservation Opener to pour and protect bottles sealed under screw cap for up to three months.

“Our mission at Coravin is to enhance the wine experience by helping people enjoy any wine, in any quantity, at any time – without compromise. People have been asking for a screw cap solution since we introduced the original Coravin in 2013. I’m thrilled that with this launch, wine lovers will have the ability to pour and preserve their favorite screw cap wines, using their existing Coravin Wine Preservation Opener,” said Greg Lambrecht, founder and inventor of Coravin.

Coravin Screw Caps, which are available in two sizes to ensure a proper fit on any bottle, combine self-sealing silicone with the same premium cap liner, to create a tight seal that protects wine for up to 3 months. To use, simply unscrew a bottle’s cap and quickly replace it with a Coravin Cap. Then, access and pour as you normally would with any Coravin Preservation Opener (like all Coravin accessories, the Screw Cap is compatible with all Coravin models). Store the remaining wine and once the bottle is empty, remove the Screw Cap and reuse – it withstands 50 punctures!

The Coravin Screw Cap is now available for purchase in 6-packs for $29.95 at and followed by select retailers later in the year. They are currently available in Australia and New Zealand where most bottles are closed under screw cap.

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