The Better Garment Bag Has Arrived: Henty’s CoPilot Backpack

We finally found the perfect garment bag. The CoPilot Backpack from Henty is a stylish two-bag system that lets you arrive with wrinkle-free professional and formal outfits while not leaving your casual clothes behind. The secret is its rolling and ribbed garment bag that wraps around a second inner bag for shoes, jeans and other attire.

Other perks include an outer RFID-protected pocket for ID and credit cards, a laptop compartment, a transparent toiletry case (with an opaque pocket for private items), a collapsible hanger, and even a reflective rain cover. Conceived in Tasmania, the rugged CoPilot works just as well as a tote, and naturally, it’s designed to fit in the overhead, helping you avoid baggage fees.

We’ve never seen a more versatile, stylish, multi-purpose suit and garment bag for all business or leisure travel requirements. For airplane travelers, the CoPilot Backpack enables hands free transiting through terminals and can be stowed in the overhead locker. It also works well for train and bus travel, as well as running, walking, cycling or motorcycling–it gives you complete freedom when you’re on the move.

Durable enough to withstand the toughest of trips, the CoPilot Backpack comes with plenty of space for all your gear and is the ideal travel companion. Look for it on the backs of smart travelers, runners, commuters, cyclists, motorcyclists, military, emergency services, students, walkers and groomsmen. Visit

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