Lost My Appetite BEFORE I got to Jean-Georges Beverly Hills at Waldorf Astoria

Jean-Georges Beverly Hills at Waldorf Astoria is named for award-winning chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. It is a fine dining, special occasion restaurant that specializes in French-American cuisine prepared with organic and locally-sourced ingredients. The menu includes South American flavors and European classics for a quality farm-to-table experience. Breakfast is a modern twist on the traditional featuring buttermilk pancakes, omelets, coconut and chia seed pudding, and acai bowls. The vast sunlit space is surrounded by a sprawling passion fruit vine-covered terrace. The seasonal menu includes caviar creations, raw dishes, soups, salads, pizzas, and pasta. Service is top notch.

That’s the good news…the bad news is we lost our appetite the moment we arrived at the hotel and their rather dour valet parking mafia proclaimed to us that parking WITH validation from the restaurant would cost $15!

We feel that is outrageous…but soldier on we did, ordering two plates of nicely prepared sea bass (very small portions and nary a thing on the plate but a chunk of fish), four glasses of humble white wine and one dessert…the damage: $189. Oh, and $15 for parking.

Stay away. Judging by the sparse crowd there, others must feel the same way.

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