Fabulous wines for 2018

Memorable wines from indigenous vines from rich Umbrian soil: 2014 Freghino from La Segreta, a dynamic red blend of 92% Sangiovese, Colorinio and Malvasia Nera, organic and the perfect intersection of bright fruit and savory earthiness. Only 5880 bottles of this wine were made. Organically made and 6 months in oak oak. Aromas of ripe cherry, milk chocolate, graphite powder, bit of young leather, rose buds. The taste has flavors of cherry, unripe blackberry, leather, dotted with black pepper, bit of strawberry in the finish, with cold coffee and milk chocolate. Medium high acidity. A very fine wine. http://www.lasegreta.com

2013 Marmocchio MMXIII, a pure “Bigger Brother” wine from La Segreta, beautiful 100% Sangiovese, biologically made. Aromas of cherry, plum, wet earth, cigar tobacco. The taste has flavors of ripe cherry, overripe strawberry, leather, vanilla, espresso, wet clay, milk chocolate. Long finish with firm tannins and medium+ acidity. http://www.lasegreta.com

Teperberg’s 2013 Legacy Petite Syrah a is great wine from a distinguished family winery since 1870, the product of precise vineyard cultivation, strict control, and high-quality harvest. This wine originates at Israel’s Ayalon Valley Vineyards and emphasizes the nature and qualities of this particular varietal. The wine’s color is intense, dark red and it is characterized by an aromatic balance between the fruit, cherry and sugared raspberry, and the roasted wood aroma. Kosher, of course and, priced at approximately $58, an excellent value for wine that is matured in oak barrels for 18 months, one that will reward you with a soft flavor and rich texture.

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