Rosé Piscine’s brand new invention: the summer cocktail Lychee Frosé Piscine

Rosé Piscine is the original, still French rosé specifically made to drink over ice. As Rosé Piscine is served on the rocks, piscine-style, there is no need to pre-chill the bottle. The bottle is encased in a protective sleeve to safely serve poolside or at the beach. As of 2018 Rosé Piscine is available online and at hundreds of fine liquor stores.

This delightful rosé is made by Pascal Nacenta in Southwest France, using 90% Negrentte and 10% Muscat De Hamburg. The grapes are destemmed, macerated and fermented for 20 days then filtered. The result: a refreshing aroma of white flowers and rose, fresh, rounded and supple with a finish of exotic fruits.

You must try this brand new invention: the summer cocktail Lychee Frosé Piscine.

Deliciously refreshing, the cocktail features fresh fruit notes as it mixes lychee, grenadine syrup and ice. Check out your new favorite summer drink emerge, as the blender revolves it.
Ingredients & Tools:
1 Bottle of Rosé Piscine
1 Canned Lychee
1 Grenadine Syrup (optional)
Ice Cube Molds
1. Pour Rosé Piscine into ice cube molds
2. Freeze for 6 hours
3. Place ice cubes in blender,
4. Add 1 cup of Lychee syrup
5. Add 1 tsp of grenadine
6. Blend, decorate with red berries, and enjoy!

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