Iberostar’s “Wave of Change” Project

(Iberostar Grand Hotel Poral Nous, Majorca, Spain)

The Iberostar Group is a 100% family owned Majorcan company with more than 60 years’ experience in the tourism and holiday sector. We admire their hotels a great deal. During this time, the Group has grown from a family-run travel agency into a multinational company comprising various divisions. Today, the Iberostar Group operates in 35 countries around the world, is staffed by more than 28,000 professionals and welcomes 8 million customers each year. More info: http://www.grupoiberostar.com/en/home.html

The Iberostar Group is fully aware of the vital importance of the seas and oceans for our planet and the survival of humankind. With more than 80% of its hotels in seafront locations, the company has drawn up a road map in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, focusing especially on people, the driving force underpinning the company’s success, as well as also the environment, and the protection of the seas and oceans. To achieve this latter goal, Iberostar has recently launched an ambitious project under the name “A Wave of Change”, centered on three main areas: the reduction of plastic pollution; the promotion of sustainable fishing; and the conservation of coral reefs and the protection of the Mediterranean Sea. Through the actions included in this project, the company is seeking to raise employee and guest awareness of just how important individual actions are in the daily fight against climate change.

About Iberostar Group

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