Nomad Ideas – kilim is their passion

We found the very clever company Nomad Ideas on Instagram, of all places.
Started nearly 16 years ago, Nomad Ideas is a family business that sources unique and beautiful Kilim rugs from Turkey. Using these rugs, they create bespoke furniture, home accessories, shoes, travel bags and other accessories. They also sell the Kilims to use as rugs, which are incredibly popular for their stunning looks that brighten up any room, whilst also adding a warm homely feel. An added bonus is they are the ultimate in hard wearing and robust floor covering.

Pammie-Jane Farquhar is the brains behind Nomad Ideas and she is headquartered in Gloucestershire, England, beautiful Cotswold country. She started the business with daughter Emma who worked with her for two years. Right from the beginning Nomad’s Kilim expert in Istanbul helped her find the best rugs for each design. Then in 2007 Victoria, her middle daughter joined the business after she gained a distinction on a three-year course from The Association of Master Upholsterers. Victoria was trained in and works using the traditional method to ensure these beautiful old Kilims have a new lease of life that will also last many generations.

When needed Pammie-Jane uses a local craftsman to make the wooden bases for all furniture products, and they are designed to be very strong and made to last. The metal framework for the Fender seats is also sourced locally; they are brushed steel, can have twisted or straight uprights, curved or square openings and are made bespoke to measure for each customer

Their stylish shoes, travel bags and accessories are made to a very high standard in Turkey, with great care taken by them to provide fun colors and up-to-date styles. Sofas and chairs found in the UK are stripped back to their original wooden frame which is then treated and re-upholstered before the Kilim is put on. There is no point putting a precious rug on a piece of furniture which will not stand the test of time.

P-J runs a very personal service; every detail is carefully thought thorough and she is a perfectionist, having made furniture for a discriminating clientele throughout England, Ireland and Scotland as well as sending pieces to Greece, Switzerland, France, Germany and America. Every product is lovingly wrapped and put in a crate before arriving in tip top condition. They pride themselves in going the extra mile to create a much loved piece that will be passed down with happy family memories to your grandchildren. They feel this is no less than these beautiful Kilims deserve.

We are crazy for Nomad’s Kilim evening slippers, colorful and chic, which can also be purchased at a shop called The Bloke, 380. S Lake Ave., Pasadena, CA 91101.
Check out their unique designs and creative ideas at

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