Absinthe in Las Vegas: the Greatest Show on Earth

Ringing Brothers once had a circus that was called “the greatest show on earth”. They couldn’t hold a candle to Absinthe, the live, rollicking, off-color hilarious and mesmerizing romp currently being performed under a marvelous traveling tent filled with curiosities in front of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

How to describe the show? Jugglers, tap dancers, aerialists, comedy, and high wire acts, all mixed with high energy, raunchy comedy and lots of fun all in a very intimate setting.

We roared with laughter and sat transfixed by this show (two performances nightly). Words almost fail us: this is a naughty, rollicking live show fit for those over 18 only. If you see only one show in Las Vegas, make it Absinthe, a super creative production with the most talented, sexy and daring artists from across the globe presenting breath-taking physical feats, outrageous comedy and seductive teases as close to the audience as they can possibly get.

Host of Absinthe is the crass and oftentimes wildly inappropriate The Gazillionaire who will dazzle you as does the entire hard working crew.
Tickets start at $100, https://spiegelworld.com/absinthe/

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