WINES AND VINEYARDS OF BURGUNDY: Chablis, Côte d’Or, Côte Chalonnaise, Mâconnais by Camillo Favaro and Giampaolo Gravina is an in-depth study of Burgundy, the cradle of terroir and a land of winegrowers, the most informative and entertaining book we’ve ever seen on the subject. Comprehensive, authoritative and endlessly interesting. This is destined to be a classic for all those who want to taste and master Burgundy, everything you need to know from the ground to the glass about this captivating and noble wine.

The authors give a complete introduction to Burgundy wines, their history and climate and their complex system of appellations. Over 800 wines and 200 wineries are visited and described with lovely photos by Maurizio Gjivovich. This is where the concept of terroir was born and Favaro and Gravina expertly take us through the region visiting emerging vineyards and cult wineries as well as legendary world-class status wineries. he book is enriched with maps from the Pierre Poupon Collection drawn by Sylvain Pitiot and Jean-Charles Servant.

You will not find a better in-depth and more exhaustively researched book that goes beyond the logic behind a basic guide to provide readers with a travel tool and with a modern critical reading of Burgundy wine.

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