Airtushi–the amazing portable and fun high chair for children

Airtushi is an ingenious invention, a soft and strong inflatable seat for babies and toddlers, the only handbag/stroller portable high chair with rigid sides on the market.

We have used it while traveling an found it to be a true life saver. Airtushi prevents sideways toppling, a common danger and risk with fabric-sided portable high chairs. Airtushi fits to any chair and is unique–a padded seat with padded sides and padded backrest plus a front bumper bar that aids sitting up development. Suitable for children from 6 months plus to 3 years or 33lbs/15kgs. Side air vents to keep you child cool.

With Aitushi you’ll never be without a highchair again when visiting friends, family, or going on holiday vacation. Fast to set up and 100% safe, wipeable and portable. $29.50

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