Casa Edwards Too
We’ve never been to George Clooney’s place in Cabo. Nor do we need to. Not when we have Blue Desert, a collection of private, rentable beachside homes tucked into a gated community between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. The houses are big, private, beautiful and to paraphrase Stephan from SNL, “These places have everything.”

Casa Edwards Too
To begin, the property picked us up at the airport in a regal black SUV. Entering through a garden and through the giant doors of Casa Edwards Too, our three-story Spanish-style abode, it was hard to believe our ears when we were told this entire gorgeous manor would be ours for a few days.

A vast sunken living room fitted with plush sofas awaited us under whirling ceiling fans and a massive TV and stereo set-up on the wall. Beyond it, wide stone balconies with built-in nooks and rocking chairs had unobstructed views of the blue ocean and crescent-shaped beach on which we would soon be dallying.

A third floor master bedroom, right past a home gym with recumbent bike, stair climber, weights and treadmill, lay upstairs. Down on the lowest floor were three spare bedrooms separated by a library, each hand-painted with birds, flowers and vines. In the kitchen we met Maria, a cook we’d reserved to fix us chilaquiles in the morning and delightful fish tacos at lunch. We passed on the opportunity of having our own bartender, but appreciated the option.

Casa Edwards
After a quick lunch with endless guacamole, we ran down to the beach, stopping to inspect the infinity pool, hot tub, lawn and palapa-topped margarita bar overlooking the beach. We played in the sand and walked along the coastline towards an outcropping of desert rocks capped with a lone vulture watching the ocean. Returning to Casa Edwards II, we plopped down in a pair of chaise-lounges to deepen our relaxation under the sun. The sound of crashing waves and the reggae we put on the stereo, interconnected through a system of outdoor speakers, was all we could hear, a welcome departure from the noisy city we’d fled that morning. As the afternoon eased into dusk, we took a quick drive out of the gated private community to the impressive super market that’s practically across the street. We brought meat, tortillas, chorizo verde and mezcal back to Casa Edwards Too to take advantage of a fully stocked, outdoor grill and the aforementioned margarita bar with its professional-grade blender.

Casa Del Mar
In the evening, after more icy cocktails, we ventured back down the lighted stairs to the hot tub and nearby day-beds to soak in the stars and bright moon. When one third of us retired to a comfortable, air-conditioned guest room on the ground floor, we climbed to the master bedroom for a great night’s sleep, serenaded by the cannon-like booms of the crashing surf.

Solaz Residence
The next day, the staff at Blue Desert, who mostly stay out of sight, helped arrange a day trip to Todos Santos. The staff is eager to help guests book all kinds of adventures, including whale watching, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, yoga, surfing and SCUBA diving in the Sea of Cortez. But mostly we just wanted to kick back, and with everything thoughtfully provided, Blue Desert made that a snap. The overall experience was smooth, relaxing and comfortable. While we were only three people, the house can easily accommodate large parties here for bachelorette parties, retreats and friends’ getaways. We truly enjoyed staying at Casa Edwards Too, free of the frenetic energy, sterile mechanics and random crowds one finds in a hotel. We were the only people ever on the beach, always felt taken care of and had total privacy as we frolicked around the spacious house, beach and beautiful surrounding neighborhood. Blue Desert currently has several privately-owned houses for rent, each one able to accommodate parties of different sizes. So until Clooney sends that long-delayed invite, we know where we’re staying for maximum comfort and luxury when we come to Cabo. http://www.bluedesertcabo.com.

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