Yes, if you listen carefully bells are jingling and it’s time to seriously think about buying that perfect gift. Here are two book ideas from the geniuses at Rizzoli that are sure to hit the mark:

HOLIDAY: The Best Travel Magazine That Ever Was by Pamela Fiori, published by Rizzoli. Acclaimed author and journalist Fiori captures the legendary magazine’s romance of travel, its show-stopping illustrations and celebrated writing. HOLIDAY was published during a golden age from the dawn of the jet age and this book is filled with stunning photography and lively prose that capture the allure of world travel. World adventurers and armchair travelers alike will cherish this tribute which is both a thought-provoking and glorious presentation of literature, art, design and cultural history.

ROOMS WITH A HISTORY: Interiors and Their Inspirations by Ashley Hicks, published by Rizzoli, reveals the creative design process, a pattern book for the 21st century. Offering insights and revelations, Hicks’ own exquisitely quirky and colorful historic interiors are discussed with designs from the recent and faraway past. This is a very personal and brilliant memoir-mix of memories, manifesto and souvenirs from the celebrated designer, an insight into his one-of-a-kind aesthetic, his sources, his themes. In addition to interiors of rooms that have inspired Hicks, there is an insightful foreword by Christian Louboutin.

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