SERENA: A Graphic Biography Of The Greatest Tennis Champion by Mark Hodgkinson, White Lion Publishing, is an innovative, illustrated story that charts the career of the most dominant tennis player in history. Her game is explored here never before–her serving patterns, signature power ground strokes, and her movement–everything that makes her a fierce competitor. Serena’s story–from the cracked courts of Compton, L.A.–to her decades of international victories, all that makes her a global icon–is astonishing and inspirational whether you play tennis or not.

THE EVERYDAY BLACKSMITH, Quarry Press, by Nicholas Wicks, features 55 simple projects you can use every day, with multiple styles and finishes. This is the essential blacksmith’s reference, structured by category and difficulty, a diverse range of methods and finishing techniques. Step-by-step, Mr. Wicks takes readers through a series of projects inspired by tradition and he shows why this craft is enjoying such a resurgence today.

LOST RAILWAY JOURNEYS From Around The World by Anthony Lambert, White Lion Pubishing, takes readers from the great cathedral-like railways stations of the steam age to obscure lines built through spectacular landscapes to open up countries before the advent of motorised road transport. This book is a celebration of our lost railway heritage and the lines that can no longer be travelled. Through stunning images, Lost Railway Journeys from Around the World evokes the romance and drama of these journeys, taking the reader as close as they can possibly get to this lost world of dining cars, sleeping cars, station porters and international rail travel. Organized by continent, all of these routes have stories to tell and the lost journeys are captured in the old postcards and posters that accompany photographs drawn from collections and archives across the world.

AN UNCOMMON ATLAS, 50 New Views Of Our Physical, Cultural and Politcal World by Alastair Bonnett, White Lion Publishing, offers a fresh perspective on Planet Earth, a book that elegantly demonstrates how the planet has been changing and how it may continue to do so in the future. A stunning collection of text, images and maps that show our intricate and rapidly changing world. A must read that prompts many questions about what we have control of and what we do not on this surprising planet.

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