CAMBRIDGE COLLEGE GARDENS by Tim Richardson with photographs by Clive Boursnell and Marcus Harpur, White Lion Publishing, is a stunning big book that provides insight into the secret world of the Cambridge colleges through their impressive gardens. Richard gives readers privileged access to the most private spaces including the masters’ and fellows’ gardens, ancient courts and riverside walks. The author explores each garden’s creation, evolution and horticultural standing today. CAMBRIDGE COLLEGE GARDENS is illustrated with innovative college plans, historic prints and atmospheric award-winning photography.

Estee Stanley’s IN COMFORT AND STYLE. The Los Angeles celebrity-home interior designer’s first book reveals how to achieve laid-back luxury through her casual-yet-elegant decorating style, which mixes tailored, lived-in pieces with an airy, inviting spirit.

Beloved by celebrities from Patrick Dempsey to Ellen Pompeo to Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, Estee Stanley has become one of the top interior designers because of her modern approach to living: real luxury is having a home that blends comfort with elegance, authenticity with simplicity. It means being perfectly set up to relax with your family and friends, surrounded by the things you love but nothing frivolous, nothing that requires constant maintenance and attention to look effortlessly chic.

This book provides an in-depth exploration of Estee’s style and how readers can achieve it in their own homes, according to their own tastes and lifestyles. Throughout the pages, Estee invites readers into her world by offering home-decor and accessories imagery from some of her most iconic projects. With a resources section (“Estee’s Style File”) and hundreds of never-been-seen, utterly cool photos throughout, In Comfort and Style is a must-have for the new generation of homeowners and design enthusiasts.

EPIC CONTINENT, Adventures in the Great Stories of Europe, Nicholas Brealey Publishing. These are the stories that made Europe. Journeying from Turkey to Iceland, award-winning travel writer Nicholas Jubber takes readers on a fascinating adventure through our continent’s most enduring epic poems to learn how they were shaped by their times, and how they have since shaped us.

TRAVEL THE LIBERATION ROUTE EUROPE, Sites and Experiences Along the Path of thr World War II Allied Advance, Rough Guides, follows the path of the Allied Forces, an evocative and engaging account of the Liberation of Europe through the locations that shaped it. Nine countries are covered with with accessible information, powerful images and fascinating points of interest.

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