Charbay Meyer Lemon Vodka: WOW

We are crazy about Charnay’s Meyer Lemon Flavored Vodka made from 100% fresh fruit and a powerful 80 proof. Charbay uses only the finest tree-ripened Meyer lemons selected at the peak of ripeness. This organically-grown fruit is driven to the distillery within 24 hours of picking. The fruit is shredded within hours of receiving it to extract the essential oils, juice and zest for the ultimate in fresh, juicy flavor. It takes up to six months for Charbay to integrate the whole fruit extract into their award winning clear vodka. For true flavor of the fruit, the lemons are shredded, zest and all, then put through a 68-day ancient Serbian extraction technique. What you taste is 100% real, freshly picked Meyer Lemon – as if you are biting into the whole fruit.

Chabay’s Meyer Lemon Vodka is prices at $29.99 and is an excellent example of what lemon-infused vodka should be, a magical potion that begs to be on the rocks. Fresh and juicy, a vodka that tastes even better then the whole fruit they’re made from.

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