Books to ease kids’ anxiety about coronavirus

Friends far away. Schedules disrupted. School, gone. For a young child living through the coronavirus crisis, it’s not just the fear of illness that’s cause for anxiety. Children thrive on structure and routine, and much of that has flown out the window.One source of comfort in any crisis is a good story.Stories can help soothe children who are worried about their world right now. Here are two of our favorites:

THE ADVENTURES OF ABELLA AND HER MAGIC WAND by Zane Carson Carruth, a delightful discovery of self book about facing challenges and accepting responsibility. This is a magical and powerful fairy tale with wonderful colorful illustrations that shows children even when you make mistakes all will turn out well.

THE WORLD’S FIRST TOOTH FAIRY…EVER by Zane Carson Carruth, another enchanting story about Abella and her friend Darcie whose combined adventure, bravery, and curiosity are very good things. The girls show great courage are resourcefulness, and in the process, start the tooth faory tradition.

These books are availabel online at

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