The premier dealer of luxury watches in the United States is Wrist

Aficionado, a small company that makes its home in a handsome

discreet townhouse on East 62 nd Street in New York.

It is there that owners Eddie Ross and Vadim Yakubov carefully watch over millions of dollars in the best, most priceless watches and cater to the world’s most discerning collectors.

This is a golden period for great watches with a strong provenance. Fine

luxury watches are timeless assets that are exploding in value. Watch

enthusiasts know that they can turn to Wrist Aficionado to source the

rarest and most unique timepieces at the best prices and do it with

utmost privacy and security here. These two gentlemen understand the

investment strategy of rare watches and can guide you with deep


Wrist Aficionado offers a unique blend of accessibility, expertise, very

personal service and a carefully curated collection of the planet’s most

exclusive timepieces. Serious collectors seek out Messrs. Ross and

Yakubov when they seek a vintage or new limited edition watch in the

best condition, at the best price and with a flawless pedigree. These two men are specialists in Patek Philippe, Richard mille, jacob & Co, Audemars Piguet and rolex, the more complicated, the better. From $10,000 to $10,000,000, they have the watch for you to treasure.

Wrist Aficionado does more than just buy and sell fabulous watches. In addition to the most diverse selection we have ever seen, they have earned the trust of demanding collectors by delivering reliable service for over 30

years. Trust and confidence as well as pleasure are all components of

buying a major watch and Wrist Aficionado delivers each and every

time. True professionals, honest and committed to helping you make the

right choice.

Wrist Aficionado not only sells the world’s finest, they also purchase premium watches and extraordinary jewelry. We found their estimates to purchase more than fair, perhaps the highest in the industry and you can feel confident dealing with them. They can work online with ease or in person and have a new showroom at the five-star Setai Hotel in Miami in addition to their very sleek Manhattan offices. Wrist Aficionado, 19 East 62 nd Street, New York, NY 10065, (212) 422-2600; info@wristaficionado.com; www.wristaficionado.com

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