Cafe Spice Introduces Naan Toasties: Authentic Meals Inspired by Indian Street Food

As many of us have not been able to travel over the past year, it has left us longing for a way to indulge in bold, authentic flavors without buying a plane ticket. Cafe Spice has come to the rescue with new Naan Toasties. These convenient, on-the-go sandwiches combine the comfort of a grilled cheese with authentic Indian flavors, fresh ingredients, gooey, melted cheese and crispy Naan bread.

Inspired by Cafe Spice’s Culinary Director, Chef Hari Nayak’s (he is opening a restaurant in NYC with Priyanka Chopra soon) visits to India, Naan Toasties emulate one of his all-time favorites–an Indian grilled cheese sandwich known as a “Mumbai Toastie.” Naan Toasties are ready to enjoy in a matter of minutes and are available today at all Gelson’s Markets.

Cafe Spice is a leader in ready-to-eat global cuisines including Indian, Thai and Mexican meals. Hand crafted in a USDA Kitchen in New York’s Hudson Valley, Cafe Spice products are made with clean ingredients and humanely raised meats, without any antibiotics.

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