DIARY OF THE CAT NAMED CARROT celebrates a year in the life of social media celebricat, Carrot, no ordinary feline, Author Erin Merryn takes readers–young and old–on a heartwarming journey from humble shelter cat to Instagram feline fame as she grows along with her human sisters. It’s a year of mischief, modeling clothes, enjoying spa days birthdays and holidays. This journal of adorable Carrot with purrsonality to spare shows that bonds run more than fur deep, it is love that lasts forever. Published by Health Communications, hcibooks,com.

A POEM IS A FIREFLY by Charles Ghigna delightfully explores what is a poem through a group of friendly woodland animals who each expresses their idea on what a poem can be, Magic ensues as they realize poetry is an everyday part of our lives and can even be…a firefly upon the summer wind. Published by Schiffer Kids. Illustrated boldly by Michelle Hazelwood Hyde.

THE GRUMBLE TROLL based on an idea by aprilkind, wherein Barbara Van Den Speulhof and Stephan Pricken, spin a charming yarn about an angry troll who comes to realize that bad behavior is no way to win friends. Published by Schiffer Kids.

THE SECRET LIFE OF BEE: Meet the bees of the world, with Buzzwing the honey bee, Moira Butterfield author and Vivian Mineker illustrator.

Follow Buzzwing the honeybee on a beautifully illustrated journey through the world of bees filled with amazing science and intriguing folklore.

Did you know that bees love to dance? Or that they have an amazing sense of smell to help them find the best flowers? In THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES, Buzzwing shares with you all the details of her life as a bee, in and out of the hive, starting with the day she was born.

Learn the secrets of this worker bee’s tiny world, including:

  • The bee life cycle
  • Bee anatomy
  • How bees collect nectar and make honey
  • What happens inside the hive
  • The different types of bees
  • Why bees are so important to humans
  • How bees can thrive in the city
  • Bee folk tales from around the world

With things to search for and find throughout, tips for making your own environment welcoming to bees, and even a poetry-writing exercise, THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES is brimming with reasons to admire and respect the hardworking honeybee. Sumptuous and detailed illustrations have pride of place in this magical guide to bees that mixes natural history with a splash of fantasy—a book to be pored over time and again.

LILI’S COLORS (On The Fingertips Books 1 and 2) by Lucie Albon helps kids discover the imaginative world of Lili Mouse and her friend Henri. Notes of humor and poetry echo in their dialogue as these two lovable mice playfully use descriptive words to bring each color to life. From red and blue to gray and pink, learn about colors, shapes, and spatial relationships and how they make up our surroundings. At the end of the book, the primary and secondary colors are presented with illustrator tips on how to make everything from flowers and fish to Lili herself in the eight bonus workshop pages. Get ready to learn, imagine, and create when you dip your fingers in the paint. Published by Schiffer Kids.

LILI’S SEASONS, another gem by Lucie Albon published by Schiffer Kids, a story about Lili Mouse and her friend Henri discovering the four seasons.

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