THE HIDDEN BEAUTY of the Microscopic World by James Weiss reveals what the tiniest forms of life can tell us about existence and our place in the universe. It never ceases to amaze us how nature is able to make things in all sizes and shapes and this book focuses on the strange and beautiful world that surrounds us, hidden from sight.

With captivating photographs and illustrations, Weiss astounds readers with the abundance of life at the microscopic level, its beauty from the most simple single-cell organisms to complex micro-animals. Contemplate the tiny characters on a single drop of dew, their birth, life and death and these wonders of nature have the potential to change your life with a new perspective. Published by Watkins.

CHRISTOPHER DRESSER, Design Pioneer, by Max Donnelly, is a beautifully produced volume devoted to the work of Dresser, the influential British designer. whose minimalist designs continue to resonate today.

Widely regarded as Britain’s first independent industrial designer, Dresser advocated for an honesty of materials and industrial techniques. Fascinated by the arts of Japan, his designs look surprisingly minimal for their time. Affordable, functional and commercially successful, the objects that Dresser designed–wallpapers, textiles, carpets, furniture and metalwork–were produced and loved the world over.

This book presents seventy-five of his most important pieces and will delight anyone interested in modern design. Published by Thames & Hudson.

For the little ones: WHO’S THAT I HEAR?, a charming book that aims to put bedtime fears to rest. Author DJ Hill rhythmic narrative accompanied by endearing watercolor illustrations provides opportunities for young readers ages 2-6 to conquer strange bedtime noises and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Published by Light of the Moon, Inc.

THE MONOCLE BOOK OF ITALY, a grand tour of design, business, food and fashion, gives a compelling portrait of Italy from the boot to the Dolomites to the waters of Sicily. Explore the trattorie, runway shows, vineyards, furniture fairs and night life. This book is a beautifully illustrated look of Italy’s complexity where laid-back living meets industrious craft.

This volume is a celebration of all things Italian. Few countries pack a punch like Italy. Energetic, enigmatic, and effortlessly cool, it’s a country of chic beach clubs, tradition-steeped hilltop towns, and cities full of charm. Its cuisine is celebrated around the world, its design aesthetic has become synonymous with both functionality and style, and it’s home to the undisputed capital of fashion; Italy’s appeal is undeniable.

Covering everything from design, architecture, and culture to food, fashion, and current affairs, The Monocle Book of Italy is overflowing with insight and is fully illustrated with specially commissioned photography to paint a unique portrait of the nation. From the vaporettos of Venice and the boutiques of Milan to the family-run trattorias of Trieste and the sunny shorelines of Sicily, discover the people, places, and traditions that define this captivating country. La dolce vita never looked so good. Published by Thames & Hudson.

A ROOM OF HER OWN, Inside the Homes and Lives of Creative Women, celebrates a new period of artistic, cultural and intellectual rebirth, a lavish volume that takes readers inside the uniquely designed homes of creative women who are living life on their own terms. Written by Robyn Lea and filled with gorgeous photography, this is equal parts biography and interior design study spotlighting twenty extraordinary painters, sculptors, writers, chefs, designers, jewelers, curators, makers and directors, who have chosen to carve out their own space to live creatively. Each woman has chosen a unique and inspiring path, united in their refusal to play by the rules of others. Published by Thames & Hudson.

CLOTHES…and other things that matter is a refreshingly self-deprecating and moving memoir by Alexandra Shulman, the ex-Editor of British Vogue. A startlingly honest account of her life, this book will prompt readers to consider what their own clothes mean to them, and the stories they tell. Clothes are rarely just clothes and Shulman cleverly explores their meaning to women and how wardrobes intersect with the larger world. A beguiling, evocative and funny book filled with fascinating memories and insightful observations plus fashion history. Published by Octopus.

TLAS OF FLOWERING PLANTS, Visual Studies of 200 Deconstructed Botanical Families, is a magnificent color portrait of beautiful flowers. From Acanthaceae to Zygophyllaceae, this book provides a unique insight into how plants grow and what they look like. Flowers, leaves, stamens, fruits–are all arranged side by side on a black background to display their magical splendor. The addition of text describing families and cross sections of the organs of some special varieties is fascinating. A valuable and compelling resource for botanical artists and horticultural enthusiasts. Flowers come in an unbelievable array of shapes and colors. Yet, their leaf and fruit forms surpass even their floral splendor. Published by Schiffer.

SELF-LOVE MYTH #2: You Have to Love Yourself Just as You Are

“The idea of loving yourself just as you are sounds so great, right? Isn’t that what love is? We all want to be seen and appreciated for who we are. And shouldn’t loving yourself work that way, too? Yes . . . but also no. You absolutely should love yourself just as you are, but you can’t just leave it there, because your essence, who you are, wants you to evolve and grow. And when you’re not, you will feel it.

Unless you can love yourself enough to shine a light and really look at what you want to change and why, you will never accept fully. It’s simply not possible to love something you’re settling for, even when it’s a part of you. The key is to explore and face it, once you do that, all the answers will appear.”

That excerpt from Beautifully Brave: An Unconventional Guide to Owning Your Worth, Cultivating Self-Love, and Standing in Your Power, is just one example of how life coach Sarah Pendrick breaks down self-love myths and guides readers through learning to truly love and care for themselves – mind, body, and soul. By both recognizing our worth and doing the work to become our best selves, we will be able to share our power with the world and with the people we care about.

Throughout Beautifully Brave, discover expert advice on:

  • Self-Love Myths
  • The Science of Happiness
  • Connecting to Your Soul
  • Falling in Love with Yourself
  • The Four Promises of Self-Love
  • Self-Care Tools and Practices
  • And much more

—the Argentinian/Rioplatense regional tradition of post-meal gab and relaxation around the kitchen table—has long been considered a cornerstone of Latin and Hispanic culture. Around the table is where chatter and laughter, memories of past loves and heroic tales of grandeur are served up as final, soulful nourishment. There’s an unspoken obligation to remain seated until the last drops of conversation percolate over the table. Remarkably, it has no English language equivalent. Yet.

Sobremesa: A Memoir of Food and Love in Thirteen Courses (Scribe Publishing Company), author and entrepreneur Josephine Caminos Oría explores how the meaning of the word sobremesa has connected her to both her family’s past and her present life as a first-generation Argentinian-American. The passion and lure resulting from year after year of obligatory sobremesas richly infused Caminos Oría’s Argentine-American upbringing. Today, these post-meal tableside gatherings serve as an evocative storytelling medium for culture, refuge, connection, self-discovery and remembrance of things past. In Sobremesa, Caminos Oría travels to Argentina in search of belonging—to family, to country, to a lover, and ultimately, to oneself. Steeped in the lure of Latin culture, she pieces together her mom and abuela’s pasts, along with the nourishing dishes—delectably and spiritually—that formed their kitchen arsenal. 

Sobremesa postprandially taps our commonalities: the need to eat, the desire to share, the longing to belong, the craving to embrace a slower way of life. True to the slow-food lifestyle that Sobremesa espouses, the book’s narrative invites readers to do just that: to stay awhile and reflect on their own personal path, family history and dreams. Sobremesa touches on topics like:

  • Biculturalism—being fully neither, nor fully both and how it ties into the #sintraducción movement that suggests “There will always be a part of you that simply doesn’t translate”
  • Sisterhood, motherhood, friendship and what it means to maintain or create a multi-generational connection with the important women in your life
  • What sobremesa means and how it can allow us to connect with others and the encompassing idea that everyone is invited to sit and stay at the table
  • Sobremesa as a central theme in today’s growing slow-food movement
  • Sharing recipes—the function of food in culture and what it means to pass down generations of family recipes
  • How food intertwines with romance, similar to Laura Esquival’s Like Water for Chocolate
  • Life’s threads of magical realism that incite wonder and emotion
  • Gender bias, political correctness and what Vogue Magazine refers to as “Malbec with a side of machismo
  • Leaving a career later in life as a mom and breadwinner to take a chance on yourself
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