HERBAL HOUSEPLANTS: Grow Beautiful Herbs–Indoors! by Susan Betz will up your growing game with her secrets for caring for herbs indoors, how to keep them pest-free, choosing the best herbs, watering, fertilizing, harvesting, and dozen of recipes. From parsley and thyme to sage and lemongrass, and many herbs in between, this beautifully illustrated little book has all one needs to tend to and enjoy herbal houseplants that pay big rewards for little effort. Published by Cool Springs Press. The book is on sale at 25% off, using the code CSP25 at checkout:

YVES BEHAR DESIGNING IDEAS. This is the first complete overview of the work of Behar who redefined the role of the designer for the 20th century, Covering twenty productive years from a laptop for children in developing countries, the earliest objects in the internet of things, televisions concealed as art, robotic rooms for small spaces, San Francisco-based Behar has blended social responsibility with entrepreneurship, a start-up sensibility with high-profile commissions. He and his studio called fuseproject have altered the landscape of designed objects that fill our houses, sense our daily activities, improve disadvantaged lives, and enhance everyday experiences. Each project is examined with stories of their inspired creative evolution, rigorous research, personal connection and perfectionism to yield an unparalleled body of work that has touched the lives of millions. Published by Thames &Hudson.

NERI&HU DESIGN AND RESEARCH OFFICE, thresholds: space, time and practice, published by Thames & Hudson is a stunning collection of projects from Shanghai’s leading architecture and design firm, Founded in 2004 by partners Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, Neri&Hu is an interdisciplinary architectural and design practice that has established an international reputation and following. Through their innovative buildings in China, across Asia, and beyond, the firm has become a design-world favorite, collecting awards such as Overall Winner of the PLAN Award. This lavish volume with 500+ illustrations, the most comprehensive monograph of the studio’s work to date, features more than thirty projects at all scales with specially commissioned photography.

Based in research, Neri&Hu “anchors their work on the dynamic interaction of experience, detail, material, form, and light” rather than limiting designs to one specific style. This ethos allows the company to thrive in a number of design disciplines, including architecture, interior design, furniture design, branding, and product design. As engaged with the world of interior design as with large-scale urban redevelopment projects, Neri&Hu’s corpus spans a wide range of works that display Western influences adapted to the particular contexts of Asia. This collection is a beautiful design resource and a must-have for admirers of the firm.

THE WAY BACK, Almanac 2022, A Contemporary Seasonal Guide Back to Nature, reconnects us with the rhythms month-to-month. Author Melinda Salisbury’s book teaches us how to welcome the natural cycles of the planet into our homes with crafts and rituals, how to engage with the seasons through easy gardening and monthly vegan recipes, year-round star-gazing, discover book club reads and make space to cherish your own writing, thought and creativity. Published by Watkins.

THE UNOFFICIAL HOCUS POCUS COOKBOOK by Bridget Thoreson conjures up bewitchingly delicious recipes for fans of the Halloween Classic, a marvelously spooky cookbook featuring appetizing dishes based on your favorite cult classic films. Imagine William’s Wormy Grave Dirt Cake or Dead Man’s Toes Appetizers and you get the idea. It’s the ultimate must-have for cooks of all ages, but don’t worry, no children were harmed in the testing of these recipes. Published by Ulysses Press.

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