Blacklane: Top chauffeurs and perfect cars at your fingertips worldwide

We had an excellent experience in Paris with Blacklane, a most wonderful global chauffeur service. This fine one-stop travel company has a solution to any transportation problem you might have: long-distance rides, one way or return, by the hour, airport transfers, and group travel.

Our driver was a reliable bi-lingual, properly-dressed gentleman who knew the city well and his black comfortable Mercedes was immaculate, new, in fact. He was more than a chauffeur, he was our safe space on wheels.

Blacklane is also committed to sustainable travel, unique in this industry. You can breathe easy knowing all their rides are 100% carbon neutral as part of their admirable global carbon offset program — the industry’s first. With Blacklane you can travel confidently knowing your safety is their #1 priority. Rigorous health and cleaning standards round out best-in-class service.

For stress-free travel, go to and they can dispatch a superb driver and shining car in most cities worldwide within 90 minutes. And at very competitive rates.

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