ALL FRESH SEAFOOD for the best seafood by mail

There is only one company we order from when we want the freshest and best quality seafood reliably delivered to our front door: All Fresh Seafood. Owner Adam Licht is totally committed to the highest quality fish, caviar, shellfish, lobster and his very special hand-crafted dumplings.

You will have an extraordinary experience working with Adam and his team. We have tried his soft shell crabs, Chilean sea bass, his butterflied ruby red trout, wild caught walleye pike filet, Arctic char, sushi fluke. branzino, whole pompano, and red snapper and can pronounce them all superb. They arrived immaculately fresh from the water, packed beautifully and full of natural flavors.

We also keep coming back to All Fresh Seafood for their very tasty dumplings. Their Maine lobster & shrimp dumplings are a triumph; Kobe style Wagyu brisket cheeseburger Gyoza dumplings are wonderful; Thai Szechuan Tom Bap Shrimp Gyoza dumplings sing of Asian tastes. And they sell many many more outstanding varieties and combinations: lump crab; lobster, crab and shrimp; shrimp Kimchi Togarashi Gyoza; chicken, pork & shiitake mushroom; Korean BBQ short ribs—all perfect for snacks, lunches, dinners and parties.  

And All Fresh Seafood’s very own dumpling sauce is worthy of a salute: it’s made with a delicious aged black vinegar and is a Goyza worthy of the best sushi master chef.

All Fresh Seafood prices are most competitive and if you go online you can often find very attractive discounts and deals. Plus recipes. Join their club and as a member you’ll earn points and rewards every time you shop.

The quality and freshness All Fresh Seafood guarantees and delivers will beat your local supermarket or fish merchant hands down every time to say nothing of the broad selection they always have on hand. So get the catch of the day brought to your doorstep. Having the option to select premium items straight from the source is definitely appealing.

PS: Here’s a photo of their delicious soft shell crabs fried up with garlic by our super chef daughter-in-law.

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