Keep your boarding pass on your phone and keep your phone in your hands safely with SteadyStraps. Choose how you hold onto your phone and say goodbye to sticky and unreliable adhesives. Let’s face it, we keep our phones in our hands more times than we like, so don’t risk dropping it while traveling.

GROW YOUR OWN SPICES by Tasha Greer is a welcome book that has everything you’ll need to know and cultivate over 30 different global spices from cumin to mustard to sesame, wasabi, chicory and turmeric. Greer takes you from planting through harvest and preparation. Medicinal tips for each on ways to use spices as health-boosting supplements are also included. Whether you’re a new gardener or a longtime green thumb, with GROW YOUR OWN SPICES you’ll discover exciting ways to spice up your garden, your plate, and your health. Published by Cool Springs Press.

Eco Lips Mongo Kiss from Eco Lips is a Non-GMO, 100% Organic Lip Balm that will soothe, moisturize dry, cracked and chapped lips, a smart cruelty-free combination of organic, fair trade certified Cocoa Butter and Mongongo Oil that creates the perfect lip care solution for moisturizing and protecting dry, cracked, and chapped lips. These are the highest quality lip balms ENTREE has ever seen.

GEOTANICAL by Broken Top Brands is a new collection of luxury home and body products geared towards men. Featuring signature artwork, we found them to be first rate, gluten-free, sustainable, eco-conscious and affordable. Featuring four different scents, they actually appealed to the women in our life as well as our male pals.

We especially urge you to buy their Birch Charcoal Soy Candle, Coconut Sandalwood Roll On Perfume, Citrus Herbed Tonic Bar Soap, Black Coral Body Wash, and Lemon Citronella Incense Cones.

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