Sciabica Olive Oil: Flavor Fused Fresh in the Press

For five generations, the Sciabica Family has been a leader in cold pressing award-winning olive oil making it the oldest continuously produced olive oil in the country. From the founder Nicola Sciabica down to his great-grandson, this company has perfected its bold and fresh-flavored olive oils to elevate your cooking experience.

Their olive oils contain no artificial flavorings or additives, they’re all GMO-free, sustainably farmed, and artisan-crafted in small batches. Sciabica offers a variety of cold-pressed flavors such as Garlic, Lemon, Jalapeno, Basil, Mediterranean Medley, and Sticky Balsamic. These simple ingredients combine to make some deliciously impactful flavors perfect for drizzling over salads,
using as marinades, or just adding them as a burst of flavor to your favorite dishes. Incorporate these flavorful olive oils the next time
you’re gathered around your dinner table with family and friends.

Not all flavored oils are not created equal. Other flavored oils often use heat-infusion, or blend with extracts instead of our unique cold press “fresh-fused” process. Often called ‘fused’, ‘crushed’, ‘co-milled’, or ‘agrumato’ – Sciabica takes only the ripest fruits and freshest herbs, and cold press them with just-harvested California olives, resulting in a delectable flavor fusion that sets the bar for flavored olive oils.

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