Cutluxe makes the best kitchen knife you will ever own; they are works of art. Forged from premium-grade  high-carbon German steel and engineered to perfection at 56+ Rockwell hardness for long lasting performance, these knives are razor-sharp, ergonomic and affordable for hobby and professional chefs alike. 

Pakkawood ergonomic handles are triple-riveted for sure grip and absolute stability that ensures comfort and maneuverability.  We have tried them and can truthfully say they have the power to revolutionize your daily meal prep.

The Cutluxe Artisan series is most versatile with a selection of knives that are perfect for every cooking purpose, be it a traditional chef’s knife, a light weight Japanese Santoku knife or a short-bladed paring knife, you have all the choices with the Cutluxe Artisan series: slicing carving, paring, utility, serrated steak knives, cleaver knife, Santoku knife, boning knife, steak knives, breads knife, sharpening rod, butcher and breaking knife, carving slicing knife.   

With a Cutluxe knife you can truly chop ingredients faster and easier.  And more precisely. A Cutluxe knife feels incredibly good to hold—balanced and sleek. They are like having a Ferrari in your hand. And all Cutluxe knives come in a smart presentation box. Prices start at $29.99.  Visit

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