Sugar Plum Nostalgic Chocolate Bars – Five Pack

You will get to dive back into your favorite childhood flavors with these unique 3.5 oz handmade chocolate bars! Must-have flavors include Apple Pie (creamy smooth milk chocolate with your favorite fall flavors that give you that hint of cinnamon, dried apple chunks, and a dash of sea salt), Milk & Cookies (milk chocolate made in-house with chocolate chip cookies pieces and a smooth, milky taste), and Peanut Butter and Jelly (creamy Milk Chocolate with the perfect childhood combination of smooth peanut butter and jelly.

Other delicious flavors are Fruity Flake (decadent white fudge with dashes of fruity pebbles) and Pancakes & Syrup(milk chocolate with mixins of hardy dark chocolate, vanilla wafers and finished with the perfect amount of syrup flavor). You can select a pack of all five flavors or choose one flavor for all five bars. The 5-pack retails for $25.00 at sugar-plum.com.

Damn, Man Nuts & Exotic Meats Box

This gift will resonate with him right down to his caveman core. It features a collection of exotic meats handpicked to cater to that primal hunter-gatherer instinct that echoes in the background from the evolution of early man. Included is a wild boar summer sausage that fuses the traditional sweet and tangy taste of summer sausage with the succulent, rich, and nutty taste of well-ironed wild boar for a unique gustatory experience, two well-cured beef sticks, one pork-and-antelope blend stick that highlights the mild and venison-esque flavor, a pork-and-alligator blend stick that has a mild, quail-like flavor that is considered to be quite the delicacy, a 4oz portion of Memphis BBQ almonds (which highlight the characteristically heavy hickory and fruitwood smoke and sweet & tangy flavors of Memphis-style BBQ), and Texas BBQ peanuts that place the rugged flavors of mesquite and oak smoke front and center. The box retails for $49.95 at dmsnacks.com.https://dmsnacks.com/collections/boxes/products/meat-nut-box 

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