tinyB Chocolate, the San Francisco-based chocolatier specializing in Brazilian brigadeiros, will launch its Holiday Chocolate Truffle Creation Kits on Monday, November 28.. The kits include everything chocolate lovers need to roll and decorate winter holiday-themed brigadeiros at home. Brigadeiros, a creamy Brazilian relative of the chocolate truffle, are the perfect conversation-starting treat for holiday parties.  Instruction videos show you how to roll a perfect brigadeiro, as well as how to create fun figures like snowmen, trees and wreaths. Kits include: 3 different chocolate cream centers (Dark Chocolate, Vanilla and Red Berries, and Orange Milk Chocolate); a jar of brigadeiro spread; and green, red, white and brown sprinkles. Each kit produces 20-25 brigadeiros (enough for 4 people to enjoy) and will be available at starting November 28.

“Our DIY kits get any holiday party started and they’re a great way for both kids and grown-ups to express their creativity and holiday cheer,” said tinyB Chocolate founder Renata Stoica.  “The dessert table is extra sweet when your kids know they had a hand in producing it!”

tinyB Chocolates are made in San Francisco and gluten-free and preservative-free.  

About tinyB Chocolate

San Francisco-based chocolatier tinyB Chocolate specializes in making brigadeiros, extraordinary Brazilian truffles that are adored the world over. Family-owned and operated, tinyB Chocolate makes its authentic brigadeiros fresh to order with founder Renata Stoica’s family recipe. Renata’s recipe strikes a perfect balance—avoiding the bitterness of dark chocolate or the sweetness of extra sugar. Perfect as gifts or wedding favors, tinyB brigadeiros are handcrafted, beautifully packaged and delivered within two days anywhere in the continental United States.  tinyB Chocolate ranked #770 on Inc Magazine’s rankings of the fastest growing companies in the United States in 2022. For more information, please visit and follow tinyB Chocolate on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter @tinyBchocolate.

BOOKS: LOLA DELPHINE, a modern love story by Naomi Barker full of adventure, mystery, British humor, and some sexy naughtiness. This novel follows Jack and Lola, both with broken hearts and secrets, and it whisks readers around the worlds of international art, music and fashion. You’ll meet some tempting characters here, including a famous rock star, a femme fatale billionaire and a French supermodel, but the message and story here are about people finding inner truths and their own special identities.

THE ROWDY RANDY WILD WEST SHOW by Casey Rislov is a perfect gift for those ages 5-10. Through rugged action, daring stunts and spectacular showmanship, the author with her heroine, Rowdy Randy, will teach kids about history, foster teamwork, spread female positivity, love nature, and generally enrich your child’s world while boosting confidence. Both young an old will delight in reading this inspiring book with vibrant illustrations.

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