WHEN THE SAINT BURNS IN THEIR HANDS by Franco Rainey is a powerful and gripping story that delivers atmosphere and tension from the opening page. With a tale of heartbreak and revenge, a twisted sequence of events unfold that leads to a gripping and disturbing climax. Here’s the jist of this thrilling novel:

“He’s killed the man who murdered his wife, but the war on his family has only just begun.” Sicilian crime lord, Michele La Barbara, has taken revenge on his wife’s assassin, only to discover that he has opened the door further to a world of murder and treachery from within and outside his own family. Summoned to New York City by the Calabrese family, Michele is caught up in a game of cat and mouse with sinister underboss Benito Calabrese. Now aware that Capo Alberto Calabrese was grieving over the death of his youngest son, Amadeo, who had been shot and killed outside a church on his wedding day in Sicily, Michele is left wondering if he had indeed murdered his wife’s killer, or whether he remains at large.

This is good reading fiction that mirrors Mafioso truths much like The Godfather did!

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