Nobu Malibu: famed for fantastic Japanese dishes & Peruvian flair

There are precious few restaurants in the world where one feels privileged just to be seated at. Nobu Malibu is assuredly one of these. We’ve had the honor of recently eating lunch there and it was memorable.

Stepping from the noisy madness of Pacific Coast Highway into the oceanfront dining room of Nobu is as pleasantly shocking as was the colors of Munchkin Land after the great tornado. Admission seems a privilege and any apprehensive waiting moments are rewarded with a warm and friendly greeting followed by constant solicitude. “Décor” is the wrong word for any physical description of Nobu Malibu. Suffice to say, the roaring ocean sets the scene as does the pretty and super-rich clientele full of anticipation for culinary excellence.  

We settled in and ordered a bottle of fine Nobu Pinot Noir which arrived swiftly at the proper cool temperature.  The friendly and knowledgeable wait staff seems to work in unison as a corps de ballet might and we soon had a plate of flawless Nobu style-Waygu sashimi tacos in front of us. A good start; they were top quality. 

Crunchy, delicately-flavored roasted baby corn followed. We then segued into some extraordinary sushi nigiri and wafer-thin sashimi, the purest fish seemingly sliced by angels. Nobu’s sushi melts in your mouth, no need to bathe it in wasabi or soy sauce. Although we didn’t partake, (Nobu has one of the longest sake lists in the world), we bet a shot or would have been things of beauty.      

Tip toeing through a menu that offered every conceivable delight on the planet like tuna ginger, squid pasta, Dover sole, crab cakes with Bearnaise, seabass, Jidori chicken—even a club sandwich, 48-hour braised short ribs, ribeye, endless soups and even an omakase extravaganza. We opt for Maine lobster, one with a spicy garlic sauces, the other wasabi pepper. The chefs promptly produced two giants for supreme delectation, tender and fresh.

Perfect affogato and a Bento box filled with filled with Valrhona Dark Chocolate Fondant and Imperial Matcha finished off the day here. We left happy as clams.

Nobu Malibu is famed for fantastic Japanese dishes with a touch of Peruvian flair so it would be churlish not to order their specialties. And celebrity is oxygen to Nobu Malibu, so dress nicely and behave—you will get a better table although one and all are treated like princes and princesses here. Nobu Malibu, 22706 E. Pacific Coast Highway,  Malibu, CA 90265, Phone(310) 317-9140, By the way, their Nobu empire is worldwide: there are 18 Nobu restaurants in the U.S.; 15 in Europe; 5 in Mexico and the Caribbean; 4 in the Middle East and Africa; and 7 in the Asia Pacific. You cannot go wrong at any of these gems in Nobu’s crown. 

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