Share the power of GoMacro and a plant-based diet!

If Ryan Lenkey in this spectacular condition swears by MacroBars, we know they must be good!

This super star ballet dancer we know recommended we try GoMacro protein bars. He relies on them for fast protein energy. Since he’s a well-tuned athlete and in fabulous shape, so we gave it a go. If

GoMacro macrobars are vegan protein bars made with high-quality, sustainably sourced, plant-based ingredients. They are made by the Kirchoff family on their bucolic Wisconsin farm. We found them very tasty and totally satisfying. We urge you to try a healthy and clean MacroBar and enjoy all the benefits of a balanced, plant-based lifestyle. Simply delicious and certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, non-GMO, C.L.E.A.N., FODMAP friendly, and soy-free. Fourteen flavors are available but we’re partial to sunflower butter/ chocolate.

Use code RYAN25 for a 25% discount. Sold at on Amazon and at stores like Kroger and Walmart. About $25 for a 12-pack.

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