Bunny-picked Easter books

He is the expert after all.

L.A.’s LANDMARK RESTAURANTS  by George Geary is a wonderful illustrated history of over 50 famous Los Angeles restaurants from throughout the 20th century that were not featured in Geary’s first book. The focus here is on restaurants where Angelenos—rather than celebrities—have been dining for generations.

Along with recipes made famous by each restaurant, L.A.’s LANDMARK RESTAURANTS contains profiles of such legendary eateries as Cole’s, Philippe the Original, Pacific Dining Car, The Original Pantry Café, The Victor Hugo, Canter’s Delicatessen, Sportsmen’s Lodge, Mocambo, Nate ’n Al’s, The Smoke House, Tail o’ the Pup, The Apple Pan, Valentino, and dozens of other beloved establishments in this beautiful tribute to Los Angeles and its historic restaurants.

Each location profiled is illustrated with a collection of historic and contemporary photographs and ephemera—such as menus, matchbooks, and advertisements—and every entry features a short history of the restaurant, entertaining anecdotes, and such details as the year of opening, address, phone number (both original and current), type of cuisine, and the name of the restaurant’s founder.

Recipes made famous by the restaurant, updated for today’s cook and kitchen by Chef Geary, will satisfy anyone seeking to replicate their favorite dish from these legendary restaurants and their chefs.

Truly a love letter to Los Angeles and its world famous cuisine, this celebration of legendary dining spots beloved by Angelenos is sure to bring back treasured memories and knowing smiles from anyone who has dined at these fabled establishments.

PORTUGAL: The Monocle Handbook is a travel practical guide offering unique insights and gorgeous imagery, the first in a series by publishers Thames & Hudson. Check out their others on Italy and the Nordics.

This Portugal book will transport you to the sunny hills of Lisbon and the winding streets of Porto as well as lesser-known locales ranging the from the Alentejo to the Azores. Monocle editors Tyler Brule, Andrew Tuck and Joe Pickard reveal their favorite places to stay, eat and shop. They cover elegant palaces and family-run eateries and uncover much of the country’s rich culture, architecture and beaches as well as the history of the country and the unique Portuguese spirit at the heart of it all.

THE SOVIET CENTURY: Archaeology of a Lost World by Karl Schlogel is a magnun opus, 906 fascinating pages that explore in evocative detail both the largest and smallest aspects of life in the USSR. Schlogel examines iconic aspects of Soviet life. From the Gulag to the planned, economy, from prison camp tattoos to the perfume of Moscow, from cookbooks to military medals, nothing is missed–long queues, cramped apartments, parades, graffiti, the Lenin mausoleum, even the typical toilet. Throughout, the book shows how Soviet life simultaneously combines utopian fantasies, humdrum routine and a pervasive terror, a serious and unforgettable account of the Soviet Century. The Soviet Union is gone, but its ghostly traces remain. Published by Princeton University Press.

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