Pain Relief Beyond Belief: KURU shoes

At KURU Footwear, your comfort is their mission. This company believes in the power of dreams to change lives. Based in Salt Lake City, KURU is independently owned and web-drive. Their men’s and women’s shoes are state-of-the-art and deliriously comfortable.

KURU’s founder wanted to start a shoe company in 5th grade. What started as a child’s dream became reality when he launched KURU during the Great Recession of 2008. But luck prevailed. His dream was so powerful it led to the invention of KURUSOLE. Since then, thousands have experienced the superior support, style and pain-free comfort of KURU.

KURU’s relentless focus on innovation reflects their commitment to endless comfort. Which is why they design and develop footwear that outperforms at the highest levels. With nature on their side, some science and a bit of magic; KURU is obsessed with raising the bar. Something good enough to chase your dreams is more than a shoe—it’s a KURU.

KURU’s policy of free shipping, free exchanges and free returns can’t be beat. ENTREE feels these are the world’s most comfortable–and stylish–shoes.

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