Outstanding Oetker properties: Brenner’s Park-Hotel & Spa, Villa Stéphanie and Fregate Island Private


Brenner’s Park-Hotel & Spa, Villa Stéphanie and Fregate Island Private are part of the magnificent portfolio of Oetker Collection Masterpiece Hotels. Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, http://www.brenners.com, the iconic spa destination property located in Baden-Baden, Germany, recently opened on-site spa, Villa Stéphanie, http://www.villastephanie.com, and dedicated medical care center, Haus Julius. Poised to set the bar for a new standard of spas, Villa Stéphanie is directly connected to Haus Julius and located on-site at Brenners Park, adjacent to the main building in a private house spanning five floors and 54,000-square-feet dedicated solely to the spa. The opening of the Villa Stéphanie marks the completion of the most comprehensive renovation project of the past 20 years. Featuring a design that has been perfected in terms of space and content, the hotel’s successful concept of proactive health management will continue to be rigorously pursued in this new facility. Villa Stéphanie offers an integrated approach to health, combining beauty, wellbeing and medical needs. The new spa and medical center will forever redefine the standard of excellence for spa facilities worldwide. Crucial for the various kinds of treatments and services on offer, Villa Stephanie comprises three spectacular suites for overnight stays, each of which include their own spa suite for relaxation and in-room therapies, as well as 12 deluxe double rooms. In addition to a 5,382-square-foot sauna, kneipping bath, private fitness center, hammam, Ladies Sauna, private park, sunken garden, there will also be a plunge pool ideal for rehabilitation measures. Haus Julius offers a vast array of traditional and modern diagnostic techniques and therapies, the 18,300-square-foot space is directly connected to Villa Stephanie and will work with the innovative spa to provide guests with a holistic approach to wellbeing and healthcare. The dedicated medical center will offer QPNT nutrition coaching, weight loss and detox programs, and performance diagnostics (body analysis, lactate measurement), as well as a unique physiotherapy concept in a 2,153-square-foot Physio Practice. These areas will be overseen by qualified specialists, medically-trained masseurs, beauticians, sports scientists and experts in the field of nutritional health.



While we are on the subject of superior places, Fregate Island Private is a secluded paradise located in the Seychelles, 4 degrees south of the equator and 35 miles off the Mahé coast. Nestled amidst the flora and fauna by the sea are 16 residences crafted in balau wood, each with private pool and beach buggy. Guests are greeted by personal butlers who are dedicated to making sure every possible desire is fulfilled. Fregate Island Private has seven extraordinarily beautiful beaches, coral reefs and jungle trails; it is an Eden of discovery for children and adults. The Rock Spa offers indulgent massages for a pure escape and revival. http://www.oetkercollection.com/Fregate‎.

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