Turn to Ulysses books for great summer reading

Look no further than Ulysses Press for some of the best summer reading out there. Their books are simply stunning and always about the most fascinating subjects. Take FLOWER CREATIONS, 30 DIY Floral Creations, for example. Here is a book that details steps and secrets from a connoisseur to make stunning floral hair accessories. Then there is HOMEMADE BATH BOMBS, SALTS, AND SCRUBS: 300 Natural Recipes for Luxurious Baths. Need we say more? Who doesn’t need a relaxing, creative soak to transform their day, mood and health? Ulysses makes us laugh with LIGHTS CAMERA BOOZE, drinking games for your favorite movies. And for those looking for a plant-based diet to help lose weight, ease stress, improve endurance and strengthen confidence, there’s LIVING THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET, proven principles and modern recipes for staying healthy. Just reading this book made us enjoy food and life more. THE LIVER HEALING DIET is a doctor’s nutritional plan to eliminate toxins, reverse fatty liver disease and promote good health, an essential guide to a repaired liver, the only organ in our body that regenerates itself. You simply must pack a Ulysses book with you on your summer outing. For a complete list of their mouth-watering foood, health and art titles go to http://www.ulyssespress.com.

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