Life occasionally presents us with very rewarding discoveries. For example, we found artist Noah Verrier on Instagram, of all places. Normally, we’d expect to encounter an artist of his caliber in a museum or top gallery.

Noah paints the everyday objects and things that usually go unnoticed by most of us. Lemons, peonies, bananas, milk and cookies, even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But make no mistake–his work is masterful and painterly, reminiscent of still life greats like Chardin, Sargent and Manet, two of his inspirations, yet with his own talented perspective. These must spring from a fertile mind and the result of his studies with such acclaimed art professors as the acclaimed Cuban-American painter Lilian Garcia-Roig and the idiosyncratic and imaginative Mark Messersmith.

Noah Verrier holds an MFA from Florida State University and was an art professor there. Over his 30-year career he has carried on the traditions of the master realists while imbuing his work with his own curious insights. Sometimes playful, sometimes joyful, sometimes just downright natural and beautiful, they display all the skill and lucidity of a master. You will be amazed at the way Verrier captures reflections on silver goblets, the transparency of glass vases, the softness of petals and the juiciness of fruits.

A little history: in 2008 Noah was inspired by the A Painting A Day movement and decided to start his own blog. His daily paintings are painted in one session, wet on wet or “alla prima” usually in just a few short hours. For Noah each daily painting is a prayer to God, a small intimate moment where he gets to be still and contemplate, analyze, and interpret the light, colors, and shapes before him. In 2014 Noah was chosen as one of the nations top 40 painters by “New American Paintings” Magazine. His paintings reside in private and public collections around the world, Including the Presidents house (FSU), and the Florida State Capitol.

We urge you to see for yourself his work at #noahverrier on Instagram, or write Buy this artist now before the prices skyrocket.

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  1. I will never forget the first painting I saw of Noah’s. It was a Persian cat. I knew he would be famous one day. He was very young, and had stopped in at my dog grooming shop to try to sell me the painting. He is so talented and I can see the influence of Mark Messersmith (another great artist), in his work.

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