The world’s leading dealer in Vanity Fair prints


The Vanity Fair Print Company is the only place we go for the best selection of Vanity Fair prints, Vanity Fair caricatures and Vanity Fair cartoons for the USA, UK and the rest of the world. This private company specializes exclusively in antique caricature prints issued as a collection supplement by the English Vanity Fair Magazine from 1869-1914. They have 1400 Vanity Fair Prints listed on their site and while that is not all of the 2500 produced, this fine company does have access to almost everyone of them. There are perhaps only around 10 of the rarest ones they may not be able to supply immediately.

If you are searching for Spy, Beerbohm or any other notable artist, here is the spot. Affable and knowledgeable owner John Wilkes began selling antique prints in Norwich Norfolk, on the east coast of the UK on September 15th 1985. He and his team traveled all over the UK every weekend exhibiting at popular antique shows before securing a contact to work on American military installations in Belgium, Germany and Italy. After four years traveling all over Europe, Mr. Wilkes established a presence in the U.S. and moved to Tennessee in 1994. The Vanity Fair Print Company has amusing and historical prints from scores of categories–polo, boxing, royalty, golfers, bankers, tennis, theatre, clergy–you name it. They have the rare and the not-so-rare but you can buy with complete confidence here. The pedigree and condition of their prints is impeccable. Just e-mail details of the print you are looking for and John will almost certainly to be able to supply it for you. This is the world’s leading dealer in these prints and they will do everything to ensure your on-line shopping experience is as friendly, problem free and comfortable as can be. They also stand by the condition of all their prints and ensure you are truly satisfied with your purchase.

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By Phone : (615) 630-8780


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