Artist Jose Trujillo: a modern Monet

We found an incredible young artist on eBay, of all places. Jose Trujillo is an impressionist painter of rare talent, a prolific painter whose landscapes, seascapes and still lifes are a dreamy, fantasy of colors. His brushwork is impeccable and we think he is to be collected now before his prices skyrocket and galleries, collectors and museums take notice, which they are sure to do. Trujillo has been called a modern Monet. His exquisite, smaller studies are created en plein aire, larger ones in his studio so they can be carefully reworked as needed. Born in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1982, his first inspirations were the elaborate architectural designs of Spanish Baroque cathedrals he saw as a young boy. At the age of nine, the Trujillo family immigrated to the United States and landed in Tucson. Jose sketched casually as a young man without any formal training. When a large print of Monet’s Water Lilies at Giverny ignited his passion to seriously paint, Trujillo began actively studying art. His days were spent observing nature and visiting museums. Today he works full time from his Tucson studio. The result is an extensive body of work from a talented original artist of quality whose vibrant colors and bold brush strokes are magical gems.


His paintings are a new form of Impressionism; a breed between abstraction and realism which seeks to go deeper into the experience of painting; where the artist–rather than merely focusing on the aesthetics to represent the landscape–tries to capture and convey the feeling he receives from it.

Early Impressions 16x20 in. Oil on stretched canvas

This approach results in a more profound experience where the landscape is captured in its core essence–with all senses and thru a multitude of emotions, and portrayed on the canvas thru means of vibrant colors expressed in a spontaneous, dramatic, and exciting manner. This is what makes a Jose Trujillo original a truly unique work of art.

Blessed Day 16x20 in. Oil on stretched canvas

Most Trujillo paintings say so much with little apparent effort. Others are carefully constructed with flowing lines and structure. Some are so subtle they appear to be unfinished. A Trujillo painting can range from $195 to $10,000. An 8×10 framed painting is usually $195; a 5 by 7 foot piece $10,000. But if you go to eBay you can find them priced under $50. We prefer to deal with this inspiring and accomplished artist directly from his website or simply by calling him at (520) 488-1863 or in his studio: (520) 829-7849.

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