Viña Montes Releases New “Spring Harvest” Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Here is a fresh, lively wine crafted to celebrate Spring:

Montes Winery has introduced the first ever “Spring Harvest” Sauvignon Blanc from Chile’s cool, coastal, Leyda Valley. A distinctively fresh spring wine, it is available sixty days earlier than the usual arrival of this variety.

Produced from Leyda Valley grapes picked one month early in February 2015, the “Spring Harvest” wine is particularly unique for the care taken in the crafting process. First, yields were significantly reduced in order to bring forward the maturation of the fruit. Second, there was additional but prudent leaf plucking to expose the clusters to the right amount of light and sun to assist maturation. At harvest, grapes were handpicked early in the morning to keep the grapes as cool as possible. Finally, during the winemaking process, the wine in the tank was left with more solids in suspension, giving more nutrients to the yeast and resulting in a fuller bodied, more nuanced wine.

Montes Chief Winemaker Aurelio Montes is delighted to introduce this fresh new spring offering to U.S. consumers after their rough winter, noting that, “at Montes, innovation is in our DNA. We are proud to introduce this fantastic wine that is fresh and crisp, with a mix of tropical and citrus fruit, ideal to celebrate the beginning of the spring season.” In total, 2,000 cases were allocated to the U.S. The SRP is $15.

About Montes Winery:
Founded in 1988, Montes Winery was the brainchild of Aurelio Montes, Sr. and Douglas Murray, both veterans of the wine industry. Along with partners Alfredo Vidaurre and Pedro Grand, they created Montes Winery with the goal of elevating the quality and reputation of Chilean wines, both in Chile and around the world. In the past twenty-five years, Montes Winery has become a benchmark for Chilean wine, and has played a pivotal role in enhancing awareness, affinity, and acclaim for wines from Chile.

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